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Program Overview

The North American edition of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit comprises three dedicated sessions and a training workshop.

Tuesday 23rd March: Day One

Session One: Sustainability Update

Workshop: Sustainability Metrics

Wednesday 24th March: Day Two

Session Two: Green Ingredients


Thursday 25th March: Day Three

Session Three: Marketing Developments


Detailed Program


Tuesday 23rd March

Session One: Sustainability Update

Green issues are rising on the corporate agenda. Home care & cleaning product companies have realized they need to take concrete steps to address their environmental & social impacts. By the use of case studies, this session shows how operators can address their impacts.

The keynote speaker gives his views on the future role of cleaning products. Other speakers cover impacts of COVID-19, sustainable wipes, and innovative packaging solutions. With growing interest in developing cleaning products for a circular economy, a pioneering brand shares its experiences in developing biodegradable products. The subject is further explored in the panel discussion. How can home care & cleaning product companies close their nutrient loops?


Workshop: Sustainability Metrics

There is a growing realization that metrics can help operators on the green journey. Sustainability metrics enable environmental, social and financial indicators to be measured and communicated. They can help home care and related firms build effective sustainability plans and programs. They are also important tools in measuring impacts, operational efficiency, as well as communicating to stakeholders.

This workshop discusses the use of sustainability metrics. Approaches to measure and quantify common sustainability indicators are described. Using case studies, the use of metrics to formulate sustainability plans / programs / objectives is highlighted. The use of metrics to encourage innovation and the shift to a circular economy is also discussed.


Wednesday 24th March

Session Two: Green Ingredients

There are many drivers for the move towards green ingredients. Consumers are scrutinizing ingredient lists as they ask greater questions about the health & environmental impacts of products. There is also pressure from NGOs on cleaning product companies to remove contentious chemicals from their products. Sustainability is another driver, with many companies pledging to use sustainable feedstock and / or natural raw materials. This session gives an update on the growing array of green ingredients.

With concerns about ethical sourcing, an update is given on sustainable palm oil and its use as a raw material to make detergents. Details are given on the use of bio-based surfactants for cleaning products. Other speakers will cover clean ingredients and green chemicals for home care products. A leading brand of natural cleaning products shares its experiences in developing green formulations.


Thursday 25th March

Session 3: Marketing Developments

The pandemic is causing a major change in consumer behaviour, especially towards cleaning. Concerns about COVID-19 are creating a society in which hand sanitizers, disinfectants and detergents are becoming an integral part of our lives. The frequency and use of cleaning products is also rising because of homeworking and lockdowns. At the same time, consumers are asking greater questions about the health & environmental impacts of the products they buy. This session covers such developments with a green lens.


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