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Cleaning up the detergents industry by sustainable development

The Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit will take place in Paris on 26-27th October. This second edition will cover sustainability metrics, green ingredients, sustainable packaging, and consumer impacts. The summit comprises three conference session and two interactive workshops. Click here for the detailed summit agenda

With the cleaning products industry under pressure to become more sustainable, what practical steps can be taken? What developments are occurring in green surfactants and other ingredients? What can be done to reduce the packaging impact of finished products? How can the industry encourage responsible consumer behaviour? How can cleaning product companies and ingredient firms create positive impacts? Such questions will be addressed in this new edition. More details.

Organised by Organic Monitor, the aim of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit is to advance sustainability in the cleaning products industry by debating key issues in a high-level forum. The summit will be hosted alongside the European edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit (24-26th October).

Previous Summit: Watch the video!

Green line

The inaugural Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit was hosted in Paris in October 2015. A major outcome was that the cleaning products industry needs to take greater steps to address its environmental and health impacts. Although there have been improvements in product formulations, there remain concerns about contentious chemicals. View the summit pics here


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Organic Monitor

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